Grow Up Fast !!!

January 18, 2018


Grow Up Fast !!!

Growing Up fast for the challenges ahead

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While I was much younger, my parents did almost everything for me. I practically did not lack anything as they supported me. I presumed that this was the real way to enjoy life and become someone in life. While I was growing physically, I wasn’t growing mentally and emotionally. I remember one awful incident, I was in my first year in secondary school. I had so many notes to copy. My mum practically copied these notes on my behalf during her working hours in the office * So shameful*. I was happy not knowing that my doom was waiting for me in the future. You can’t have it all, I figured.

Life is no bed of roses

You have to work, grind to get what you want. The earlier in life you begin to understand that only YOU can help yourself, the better. To buttress my point, I have a friend of my who lost his mother while we were in primary school. He quickly picked up himself and his junior brother. They grew up faster than we, who had two parents. They were sharp, articulate, working on their feet. No one is saying you will lose your parents.

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But the reality is that someday you will be left on your own to handle life and things that affect you. How are you going to cope if you are not ready to grow up? Forget past mistakes and move on.The world is waiting for young minds who have a mind of their own and want more out of life. Grow up fast!


Writer: Akinwamide Nifemi 


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