The kind of people who will see the Avenger movie at the Cinemas

It no more news that the movie the whole world has been waiting for is finally out. If the Black Panther was dope, Avengers is “doper”. But like you know, Nigeria no dey carry last. Here are the kind of people you will see at the Cinema.

Those who came with friends with no financial input to watching the movie (They will be the one holding the tickets)

Shame on you

Those who came to proclaim their love to their bae (She is definitely paying back in some other way right?)

They are always in PDA mode

Those Marvel fans who have religiously followed every Marvel movie

If you make noise in the Cinema, they can send you out.

Those who would turn back when they hear the price tickets (they will be back when the ticket is 500)

Those who came with an English interpreter

Those who never get to watch the movie but are around the Cinema to hear commentary

They will put the pieces together and tell the film like they watched it.


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