Known as GirlishLava, Olaifa Victoria wants to bring a high level of professionalism to the digital media space.

Over the years, we have seen people rise up to amass followers on social media and become gatekeepers. They call themselves different names, some say they are brand influencers, some digital marketers while some take the role of social media experts. Their user engagement determines how much value they can offer.

In Nigeria, this trend is increasing daily, where anyone can push products/services online. As long as you have a huge follower base and engage people. Known as GirlishLava, Olaifa Abosede Victoria wants to bring a high level of professionalism to the digital media space.

Her story

GirlishLava is a brand marketing and communications specialist, a digital communications strategist and a social media influencer. According to Abosede (GirlishLava) she founded the media brand while in school, “I was already really interested in ways to make money online, so I stumbled on social media influencing.”

GirlishLava wasn’t one who just wanted a nomadic life, she wanted more. She knew she was smart but medicine, law or language courses weren’t the paths she was meant to follow. She grew up in an academic background, the University of Ibadan to be precise.

Her parents were academicians, who wanted their daughter to have job security by studying medicine possibly. But as fate will have it, young Abosede studied Biochemistry from the prestigious University of Ibadan. This was where she found her passion and even her nickname “GirlishLava”.


Not many people are so lucky but thank God my path found me. 

How it all began- GirlishLava as a brand

While she was in school, she stumbled on social media influencing. She started with a few gigs online with her social media pages.

I was already really interested in ways to make money online, so I stumbled on social media influencing.

At first, she was termed as being unserious. That was what people thought when they see you on your phone at that time. She finally started making money and this helped her through school. She would put out content for brands not just in the cliche way but very professional. This got her the ears of big brands and brand managers/agencies. Everyone just wanted to work with her and from there she built a strong relationship with them enough to be part of big campaigns.

Over the years, the GirlshLava brand has remained consistent by constantly evolving and re-inventing the brand. According to GirlishLava, she says “To stay relevant, you have to remain at the forefront, you have to be a thought leader and a trendsetter. If not, you are likely to fizzle into oblivion.” This must have been her mission and it kept her awake at night. There is this danger in staying in your comfort zone, those behind will meet up with you and cruise pass you.

After hitting so many milestones with several top brands like Taxify, Google, Mnet Africa,, mVisa and so on, GirlishLava is unto something big. “I wouldn’t call it a startup, because I am still in the process of building my content platforms. I am creating a content HUB for specific audiences. I cannot unveil the name yet, as we haven’t fully launched. I currently run a blog”

The future


We have seen female folks dominate the social media space, the likes of Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Olorisupergal, Kemi Filani, Sisiyemie and so on. One would think GirlishLava wants to model after the above mentioned, NO. She definitely feels more can be done, “Honestly, I have no social media role models. Because my goals are much bigger than what I see them execute.” I have always known that a new generation of young people will emerge from every sector, online media inclusive. They are not sold to the whole ” I want to blow fast” narrative. They will create great conversations among their folks. GirlishLava is one of those people.

In business, everyone has challenges. GirlishLava is not any different, her greatest challenge is figuring out what people really want. She says that this is key to being successful in her field.

Speaking about the future for GirlishLava, she had this to say;

I would say you should watch out, lol

Bill Gates was quoted saying “investing in the Nigerian people is key”. If young Nigerians like GirlishLava can make it inspite of the harsh economic conditions in this country, then the real strength is in young people.



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