Nysc diary

June 20, 2018

Nysc diary

I’ve been in comfort zone for a really long while, waking up when I want to, taking a bath when I want to, eating when I want to or not at all. Then….all at once I was thrown into reality like literally thrown and it hurt like hell. It felt like I was dragged across a Rocky Mountain…no exaggerations.

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I left home for nysc orientation camp in shagamu where I was about to realize life really wasn’t a bed of roses and your parents won’t be with you every time. I had to wake up early and do things when I was told to and when I decided not to do it I was punished.


For the first few days, I couldn’t cope, I got sick a couple of times, I cried a lot, I kept to myself a lot, I even considered jumping over the wall and running away🏃 to freedom. I survived in the end.


Fast forward to a few weeks, I started working at my place of primary assignment. The first week was okay, they were still giving me the new girl treatment. Next day bayii, I had to wake up by 4 am, 4 am!!!😮. This made me so happy that I never went to a boarding school. I’m still surviving💪.

Bottom line is you never know if you’ve been lazy or hardworking if you remain in your comfort zone, with your parents, where they rub your head, feed you and let you sleep the whole day because that’s what parents do, they dote on us.


This will be a weekly series, stay tuned for the next episode.




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