How to manage work/life balance as a couple in Nigeria

July 17, 2018


How to manage work/life balance as a couple in Nigeria

The couple that works together, stays together. According to relationships masters like Falz, in his recent feature with Ric Hassani — song title Believe– his lyrics were punchy.

Shey, you go be the Ani to my 2Baba. Entertainers no fit love, ko jo be. But Uncle Olu still dey with Aunty Joke”

So the question arises, how Uncle Olu still remains with Aunty Joke. The entertainment industry has seen people marry one another in recent times. While some go soar, others manage to make it work. What is in the way most times is this simple four letter word, work.

Olu and Joke Jacobs

Olu Jacobs and Joke Jacobs — just your average, a relatable married couple — have found the perfect way to make sure they see plenty of each other while they get their work done. How can working couples stick together?

No romantic stuff at work


Keep your romantic gestures at home, it sends wrong signals to colleagues at work. Even when colleagues don’t say it, they envy you one way or another. So keep your love life away from your workplace. Especially those couples who work in the same office, stay clear from each other and remain professional at all times. I know movies paint a very good picture of office sex, remember someone is watching.

Leave your arguments at home

Some people say arguments help foster better relationships among young couples but keep them at home. No one needs to see your dirty linen outside. The fact that your husband failed to clean the toilet seat in the morning should not be a topic to bring up among friends and folks.

Jay Z cheated on Beyonce and the world never knew not even Paparazzis. The craze going on in social media where everyone trolls each other is idiotic. You should not be led you to the extent of calling out your husband or wife on the platforms. What did Tiwa Savage stand to gain from calling out TeeBliz?

Respect work routines

2Baba and Ainnie Idibia

The only way a team can work is if they understand each other. A couple is a team of two, there is the need for proper understanding. Respect each other’s work routines. Just because your wife does night shifts doesn’t mean you have to make her day unbearable.

Find time to do stuff together

As much as work takes you on a different path, find time for your better half. Most couples get carried away with kids, work and the society. Their marriage slips off their fingers before they see the handwriting on the wall. Date nights are still very important, it helps rekindle your vows and reasons why you are in this together. Sex is also a very good option for intimacy but not the only option. It is it starvation sometimes that leads to cheating from both genders.



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