We want you to fall in love with the news once again

October 8, 2018


We want you to fall in love with the news once again

When I was a kid, my dad used to buy all types of newspaper brands everyday. Even till this day, he still practices the habit — old habits die hard. My dad would sit in his chair and read furiously for hours, gazing up to call our attention to a particular story or read an interesting fact. He loved learning about the world and shared that passion with my sisters and me growing up.

I came to love the news and realize that, at its best, the news doesn’t just update you on the latest headlines, but exposes you to see the world and your own life holistically. It helps you see where you lack and how best to make your moves in the future.This is why I fell in love with the media so much so that we started

The “copy and paste” syndrome has made Nigerians discredit blogs and opt for social media platforms and traditional media outlets. If you were like me, besides reading from the popular online media platforms for my news, I would have to wait for traditional news outlets (Print and TV) to conclude what I presume to be the truth. It got stressful and I couldn’t keep up anymore.

Which is why we started YC, we make sense of the systematic chaos in Nigeria and seek to bring you the story, however, you want it. If you’re reading YC I want to guess you once loved the news too. You’re curious but perhaps frustrated at being swamped by headlines all reporting the same thing, in increasingly partisan ways. You must be disappointed to hear only one side of the story, to see arguments and ideas go around in circles rather than take you to new and unexpected places.

Our aim at YC is that it plays the role for you that news media did for me in the past. I hope that through YC’s original reporting and features you can love the news again.

But I know we’re far from perfect. What would it take for you to read YC each day, or several times a week? What would you find compelling enough to rely on us to catch you up in the morning? What more can we do with our social media pages to keep you engaged on the commute home, or entertained during an evening in? How else can we help you fall in love with the news again?

YC is open to change as you are. We want to create the new news and tailor it to you. We’d love for you to not only join us for the ride but also take the steering wheel by spending a minute to fill out this survey. Do contact me at with wild ideas and suggestions that you may have. We look forward to talking to you.

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