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Word on the Street: Small Doctor arrested for gun possession, President Buhari clears air on clone theory and more

December 4, 2018


Word on the Street: Small Doctor arrested for gun possession, President Buhari clears air on clone theory and more

Fun fact; did you know that Tuesday gets its English name from the old English Tiwesdæg and the Middle English Tewesday which means “Twi’s Day”?. Twi is the god of single combat, victory and heroic glory in Norse mythology. Now tell me why you shouldn’t have a great Tuesday.

Before you set out to conquer, here are stories you may have missed yesterday.

Small Doctor arrested for gun possession

The Nigerian street musician was arrested yesterday by the police for illegal gun possession and for threatening to shoot a police officer.

According to gist, Small Doctor was stopped by the officer and he threatened to shoot if he didn’t leave his way. He was arrested alongside three other people; his identity was not known at the time until he was taken to the police station.

A report by Premium Times quoted Small Doctor’s manager claiming that he (Small Doctor) was on his way to an appointment when he was stopped by the police. They discovered the weapon when his car was searched (no mention of any threats).

Anyway, the artiste will be arraigned in addition to a previous alleged crime of shooting after a show in Agege sometime in November and injuring four people. To think dude is a police ambassador, how nice.

A man named Peter Obi

If you didn’t know, Peter Obi was a former Anambra state governor and running mate for PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

In a video making rounds on social media, popular Eastern Catholic priest Father Mbaka, is seen telling Peter Obi (in Igbo language) that he and Atiku would fail if they refuse to declare how much they’d use to support the Mbaka Ministry.

In response, Peter Obi said, “show me your project, we’ll discuss how to do it”, making no promises. Now, I don’t understand Igbo but that’s how my friends on Twitter translated it.

We can discuss how some Nigerian religious leaders are worse than politicians, but not today. The whole exchange just tells you the kind of man Peter Obi is, or makes us believe he is.

You never know when it comes to politics. Regardless, he handled himself well in the situation.

2018 The Future Awards Africa nominee list revealed

The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) has released the nominees for its 13th edition scheduled to hold on December 16, 2018.

In 20 categories, 100 young Nigerians from various walks of life were nominated for their exemplary work. The categories range from acting, music, comedy to technology, business and a bunch of others.

Some of the nominees include Davido, Simi, Maraji, Fisayo Fosudo, Broda Shaggi, Bisola, Chidi Ajaare, Ahmed Musa and others. Check out the full list here.

President Buhari dispels conspiracy theory

If you’re Nigerian then you must have heard that the real Bubu is allegedly not the one ruling the country. For some reason, many Nigerians believe that the real President Buhari died in London some time ago and has been replaced by a body double, Jubril from Sudan.

On Sunday, Bubu said, “it’s the real me, I assure you” as he addressed the issue while addressing the Nigerian community in Poland. Only because Nigerians in Nigeria do not deserve an explanation, the audacity!

Anyway, if you’re one of the Nigerians that believe this Jubril from Sudan theory, please explain your position in the comments section, I’ll really like to understand.

For people like me who are curious and want to have a good laugh, just type “Buhari Jubril” on Twitter search and watch the theories go on and on. You’re welcome.

That will be all for today. Now go ye and conquer!

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  1. Nonso Diobi

    I find it hard to believe this BuhariJubril cloning issue because while every human being has a lookalike, how do you explain the fact that the voice is still the same?

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