we’re thrilled you’re here! now, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

                                                 Our MISSION

YC aims to inspire, educate, inform and entertain young Nigerians around the Globe.

Youth Central is curious. YC is curious about how a young Nigerian entrepreneur started in the midst of all the problems in Nigeria, about what comes next for the struggling democracy in Nigeria, about what can be done to help underachieving young Nigerians learn. The questions left unanswered across various sectors in Nigeria are too much to disregard.

YC is a new kind of publication for a new generation. We made this thing because we believe that the right story told in the right way can change someone’s life. But telling the right stories for right now — and telling them in a way that’s meaningful and modern — isn’t going to happen by itself. We have to make it happen.

Our major reason for building YC is that we’re really excited about putting something into Nigeria that wasn’t there before. We’re not telling any of these stories just because there’s space to fill in your day. We’re telling them because we think there’s a whole other narrative happening in Nigeria that’s unseen, underreported, or dismissed altogether.

If we have a central goal, it’s to feed your curiosity and intelligence with as much integrity and honesty as possible. No games, just something fucking interesting every day. Through a mixture of daily news, stories, and videos, YC aims to inspire, educate, inform and entertain young Nigerians around the Globe.

Surprisingly, we have seen young Nigerians take to the center stage and challenge the status quo. We aim to offer a platform for them to tell their stories and share tips for success. We recognize the impact this as on the country and what the future holds for our dear country.

We always want to hear about young Nigerians making waves in their industries. If you know these young people or are one of them yourself, please contact us: info@youthcentral.ng

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