All the thoughts Junior Students have when its resumption time

January 3, 2018


All the thoughts Junior Students have when its resumption time

You, when you remember you’re about to see your wicked seniors again.

Stupid seniors that only know how to send you message.

2. When you realize there won’t be delicious food for you anymore.

Only salt and beans for the next months!

3. You, when you realize you can’t sleep past 5 o’clock for the coming term.

Can my parents just put me in a day-school already?

4. When you remember you won’t see your family for the next 90 days.

Not even my mummy that pampers me anyhow.

5. How you now start having nightmares the night before you go to school.

Hay God!

6. How you balance on the toilet for hours, because you know it’s only shotput after today.

You can only shotput after night prep sef.

7. You, when you’re eating that final meal before you leave home:

Before I face my cube of sugar meat in dining.

8. When you’re now almost in school and you see the signboard.

My wahala is about to start!

9. When you enter the gate and the first set of people you see are your wicked seniors.

It’s my God that will punish all of you.

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