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We are live!!

January 3, 2018


We are live!!

YouthCentral does not want to be just another news site curating content across the Web, we want to give youths something better. We want to give you a platform you will actually love. YouthCentral promises to only publish original content, focused on young people because we believe it is time to reclaim our narrative.

We aim to tell stories that give meaning to conversations and issues that arise amidst young people. We will tell stories of our existence, trials and triumphs in only the best possible ways.

We hope to see ourselves and our stories better reflected on platforms that prioritize us. We will define our desires and downfalls on our terms and unapologetically show how dynamic and multidimensional we are and can be. I look forward to working with everyone on this journey of no return.

And every day, we will set out to profile the people, places, trends and technology that are ahead of their time and worthy of yours across all our platforms.

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