3 steps to having a productive year in 2018

January 5, 2018


3 steps to having a productive year in 2018

Happy New Year folks!! 2018 is our best year yet, can I get an AMEN? Meanwhile, wishful thinking can’t sustain us this year. It is time to make decisions and take actions that will affect the successes we recoup in 2018.

Here are some salient points that will help you achieve a productive 2018;

Take stock of your present state

Before trying to plan anything for 2018, you have to take stock of 2017. What went wrong? What happened the right way? What needs to change? And so on.

You have to be honest enough to examine yourself before going on to plan for 2018. As young people we seldom don’t want to tell ourselves the truth or rather blame others for our misfortune. We should own up to our mistakes, that is the only way we can grow. 2018 is a new slate and we have to start well.

Write down areas where you failed and need improvement

Since you have honestly accessed your situation, you can now write down areas where you need improvement. Over the years, most of us decide to have resolutions for the new year in our hearts without writing them down. The essence of writing them down is to check on them everyday, throughout the year.

For me, I want to read a minimum of two books a month cutting across verticals. I did not do too well as to reading effectively. Write yours down!!

Decide on how to actualize your resolution

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You now know where you are heading to by the end of 2018 but the next stage is to figure out how to get there. You need to sit down and figure out ways to achieve them. My advice is that you consult books, mentors. All you might just need is the Internet. Use the Internet to your advantage, there are so many resources you will find that can help you with your resolutions.

I really hope these steps help you in 2018 to be more productive. If you have made this far and enjoyed the read, until next time.

Have a fabulous year!!

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