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January 8, 2018


Today’s Youth

Can and should a youth become Nigeria’s President?

This is a critical issue that can be argued from both a bias and holistic view. Can a youth lead the most populous African nation, with all its numerous challenges? Can a youth be trusted with the wheels of leadership at the presidential realms? Should the risk be taken to hand over governance to a young (seemingly inexperienced) person? Is there a need for youthful creativity and vigor in governance? What can a youth do differently?

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Ibrahim Dasuki Jalo-Waziri : National Youth Leader for APC    Source: Twitter

From a bias point of view as a youth (without much thinking), I would strongly say YES to all the questions above. Youths must begin to take up political leadership posts and take over the wheels of leadership in this country.

I would argue that it is time for youthful vibes, youth-oriented policies and youth-led political administrations. I would play down the essence of experience in leadership which the youths lack.

I would contend with the school of thought that holds that experience is required at such level of leadership. I would say we need innocent youths, inexperienced in bribery and corrupt practices, to rule the country.

From a holistic view, are youths really capable of governing? Some critiques have argued that allowing youths rule is a disaster waiting to happen. How true is this notion?

The arguments are based on equally dastardly acts from youths rendering them unworthy in character of a leader. Some other schools of thought cite exuberance and inexperience as the basis for not allowing youths in power.

True to these arguments, youths have equally exhibited dastardly acts that they have accused the older folks of committing. Taking a peep into the various campus student leaderships crisis, one cannot but argue that the youths are equally culprits of political immorality.

HON SKE UDEH OKOYE, NATIONAL YOUTH LEADER OF PDP                                                                    Source: Procyon news

If the youth could not handle governance at a micro level of student unionism efficiently and remarkably, without violence, corruption and fraudulently practices, how do we expect them to perform at the macro level of politics?

The youths exude the same characters the so-called “elder statesmen” practice and it is disappointingly true, the argument against youth leadership at the supreme level, the youth will fumble. If the campus leadership could be marred with cabalism, fraud, violence and cross-carpeting, it is a sign of what to expect at the top level.

What assurance is there that when a youth gets into leadership s/he will pursue the tenets of youth-centered policies and would not just blend with the existing selfish practices of the “old” system?

What is your view on this anyway?

Writer: okanlawon omotayo

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