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Date an Introvert; we dont break hearts we mold them

February 9, 2018


Date an Introvert; we dont break hearts we mold them

There is a myth that introverts are not fun to hang out with and as such don’t usually do well in the relationship. They hold back, fixated on their work. You cant blame them, can you?

However, some are guilty of such extremes. But let’s not forget that introverts are humans who still need affection, care, and support from others. In fact, they need these things more than anyone due to the fact that keep to themselves a lot. They most suffer from impostor syndrome and depression. This means that there is a very big room for some love from someone special in their lives.

Let me make a case for the introverted, shalla out to all of you. So if you have a crush on an introverted person and you are too scared to take it to the next level, here is why you should take the leap.

Introverts are smart people

We are smart people, it takes a lot to gather the knowledge we have. We work all day to achieve a particular goal. Rather than open our mouth to hype our competence, we rather show you. We never stop until we get it done. So I can say without any doubt, that if you were planning on dating an introvert, you can be sure that they are smart. One advantage of dating a smart person is the fact that they are good at solving problems and getting things done faster. You won’t have to explain yourself often.

Introverts appreciate their relationships

Introverts work so hard and might never get the chance to enjoy life and what it has to offer. So if an introvert gets to start a relationship with you, he or she is committed to you. There isn’t enough time as such for a “side chic or guy”, we are too busy and shy for that.

Introverts find it difficult to commit to a relationship with the opposite sex but when they finally do, they don’t plan to give it away cheaply. Break-ups, smash-ups, and punctured hearts are not healthy for introverts. Some don’t snap out of it ever. If you choose to date an introvert, give it everything you have and you won’t regret it.

Introverts have 30 billion in the account

I am sure you are aware that introverts are the richest class of people in the world. They have a good saving culture. We constantly challenge the status quo and this is why our stories are different.

Okay let me take that back, LOL, we might be broke once in a while. No one is broke – proof, but we can do anything to make our partners happy.

Introverts might be shy but they’re straightforward

Introverts are typically shy of the opposite sex. Some literally melt or freeze when they set sight on a handsome guy or beautiful lady. It takes a lot of courage on our part to profess love to the opposite sex. We have heard instances of people shooting shots wrongly and got a big NO. Whichever way you look at it, understand that the moment they come through with their love, they mean it.

However, we now have some “sharp” guys and girls who have learned the hard way after their hearts have been punctured and smashed against the wall. These people don’t follow the norm and as such are “sharpshooters’. But even at that, introverts are straight-forward individuals, we tend to hide our feelings a lot but when we open our mouth to say those magical words, we mean them.

Valentine’s Day is some days away, introverts let’s go out, have fun, mingle and take a break from work. Let’s spend some quality time with our partners, it is this moment we can cherish and remember.


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