Five ways to handle a bad day

February 12, 2018


Five ways to handle a bad day

It all went so wrong, so very, very wrong — right from the start of the day. I got up late and Lagos traffic can come with his own stress. I even had an encounter with the bus conductor over change, can you imagine? The lists of my woes that day was unbelievable, it was like everyone was out to get me. All these are statements we make when we are having a bad day.

Here is what you should do to turn a bad day around;

Remind yourself whatever you’re feeling is temporary and wouldn’t last an entire lifetime.

It happens to everyone, so you are not alone. I know what it’s like to completely and utterly zone out during a bad day. And I know the anxiety that causes you to question yourself and feel like the whole system is designed to frustrate and defeat you. I’d like to tell you that it’s easy to just brush it off and get back up and get going again. So shake it off!

Treat yourself to a nice meal

Food solves a whole lot of problems. I usually treat myself to a large bowl of ice-cream when everything does not seem to be going as planned. So the next time you’re having a bad day don’t hesitate to visit the nearest restaurant and order for your comfort food.

Listen to music

Music certainly changes your mood. I remember one time when I was having a really bad day, and my fav song as at that time started playing on Soundcity and guess what I totally forgot about my problems and vibed to the song. Having a bad day? A 3-minute song can totally make your day better. You can also listen to the radio, sometimes the presenters can just be a deal breaker.

Engage in something you totally love doing

I definitely know one thing that helped me forget a bad day was going shopping! Shopping is my hobby.  And for the guys, I’m guessing a football match cures all your worries. So if you ever find yourself in a bad mood or your day isn’t going as planned just do something you love doing.

Sleep, just sleep

If you tried any of the above and your day didn’t get better, sleep and I repeat just sleep!  Who knows? Lying on your bed or taking a nap might just be all you need to get better.

Please feel free to share your experience. I would be happy to get feedback. See you on the other side of happiness.

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