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Meet Nathaniel Enwan who defied all odds to start his photography career

February 12, 2018


Meet Nathaniel Enwan who defied all odds to start his photography career

Today, we would be talking about a guy who defied all odds to get his photography business off the ground without any support. He is a photographer, event planner and a rising star. He was nominated among the most exceptional talents from his school in 2016 and 2017. I present to you Nathaniel CEO, Nayteez Photography and Expose Group.

Introduce yourself ( your name, who you are and what you do?)

My name is Nathaniel Enwan, I’m a student, a photographer (Nayteez Photography), an event planner and I love art in general.

So while you were much younger what was your dreams and aspiration?

While I was younger, I wanted to be able to reach out to the world in my own very little way. I wanted to make an impact, by all means. I had a passion for art and music.

How did you start your journey into Nayteez Photography?

I discovered along the line that photography was what I had so much passion for and it’s not what I’d give up for anything, so I started working towards the dream. After finding photography was what I love and would always do stress-free, I started learning more about professional photography and the business of it.

Was Photography the first thing you ever did?

Photography wasn’t the first thing I ever did, I started playing musical instruments at a very tender age. And my guy, I have tried several things o. The hustle is real out there.

You seem to have a thing for creative arts, did you get support from my parents as to identifying your passion?

At first I didn’t get much support from them, like most parents, all they wanted was for me to focus more on school but as I grew older it became obvious the passion was strong, now I get so much support from them, but still not disregarding my Education.

So how have you been able to handle both education and your business?

Honestly, it hasn’t been easy, because there are sometimes I’d be limited because of some school work. But with hard work and consistency, I have been able to balance both. Nothing good comes easy, so I just have to keep working.

What do you think about young people these days who want to run with their passion?

Young people these days who want to run with their passion always have the fear that they might fail in it, or probably they’ve seen their peers who have gone far ahead of them, and that’s where limitations start. A dream doesn’t come through in a day. They just have to keep working towards and believing that with time they’d stand out and achieve their desired dreams.

Do you think Education is of any use to someone who has a passion for something or a business?

Education doesn’t only happen in a school environment, people can get educated anywhere, learning a business is also education as well. But when it comes to academics, I think it’s a personal decision, but the truth is there are so many important things about life in general one can’t learn from school.

What is your advice for young people who might want to follow their passion?

You should never give up when it seems you have failed because there’d be times like that. When you give up is when you’ve actually failed. Faith, consistency, hard work and determination should be your watchwords.

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