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Valentine’s day special: Ladies shoot your shots today

February 14, 2018


Valentine’s day special: Ladies shoot your shots today

Over time, society has chosen to put the women folks at the receiving end of everything. Even in relationships which is a mutual thing. What rule says ladies cant ask guys out? Some societal beliefs are what led us to the discordant views we have in the world today. You will agree that nothing in the world seems scarier than the prospect of asking your crush out on a date, especially on Valentine’s Day.

And so far, ladies have preferred to wait for the guy to make the first move. This has to stop, you can’t like someone and die in silence. No matter where you are sitting across the divide, whether you are a male or female. Love is something worth sharing. It doesn’t have to be a YES all the time because the feeling might not be mutual. But that is the spice of life and men have been going through it for years.

Some ladies are shooting their shots and getting good responses.

This is how to shoot your shots as a lady

Don’t mind what you see on your mobile screens where ladies are proposing to their men in public. Some of these things are staged and meant for a campaign. Men are egocentric beings, you rub and pamper that. Asking out your crush for Valentine’s Day date isn’t something to of a big deal. It is as simple as saying “Would you like to go out with me or let’s go and see a movie”. You just want to spend the day with someone you care about and know that asking your crush out on Valentine’s Day is totally cool. It doesn’t matter who makes the request.

I always found it interesting that many ladies felt that the guy should initiate a date. No. If it’s your crush and you feel like he or she might be special enough to share a plate of spaghetti or Dominos pizza, then you should do it. You’re not allowed to say that you missed the opportunity if you don’t take it, and you’d rather try than not try at all. It’s extremely old-fashioned to let a guy determine when the two of you should go on a date because women can make that choice too. It doesn’t mean that chivalry or tradition is dead, it just means that women can hold, open the door or have an opinion on where to wine and dine too.

What do you have to lose

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Valentine’s Day isn’t supposed to be a day you’re too scared to ask out your crush. There shouldn’t be pressure. It’s all about you wanting to be with that special someone, and you can only do it, once you put yourself out there. It’s totally fine too if your date results in cuddling in front of Netflix. That’s still in the spirit of Valentine’s Day too. Take out your phone and make the call.


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