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What Yahoo Yahoo Guys need to know.

February 14, 2018


What Yahoo Yahoo Guys need to know.

We all have heard of someone who one way or the other scams people. Whatever the grade they are in the business of Yahoo Yahoo. You will see deep down, they actually just want to better their lives. If they had a better option that brings them money legally, they might take it. So what exactly is wrong with Yahoo boys?

The Other Side of Yahoo

I know we have all heard of yahoo guys aka G Boys. Just for the sake of those who do not know, Yahoo guys are actually internet fraudsters who scam people and make returns from this act. Have you ever sat down to think of how productive these guys are? Or how creative they get when scamming their victims?

Let us take a moment to look at the “wonderful works” which these yahoo guys do. They are night crawlers who burn night candles to have conversations with their victims.They literally have to enter into another character just to get monies from their victims at times.

They are also very smooth talkers which amazes me every time because they do not really go for classes but again we all know it is not everybody that goes to a School that actually knows how to read. Yahoo guys always know a whole lot about gadgets and how to use them in ways you can not imagine.

Minister of Information and Culture – Alhaji Lai Mohammed

There was an article flying around one time which was begging yahoo guys to please lend Nigeria money because Nigeria was broke at that time. Even the Federal Government knows how “rich” these guys are.

The other side of Internet fraud

This could also be known as Yahoo Plus Plus

These guys always tend to spend their money on a whole lot of irrelevant things like buying quite expensive cars which they cannot maintain after a few months or at most a year. This is always as a result of not actually stressing or sweating before making their earnings

Most of the time the monies which these guys make never go into anything productive as it is always spent as soon as it arrives their account.

EFCC parades 20 Internet Fraudsters.

Over time the Police force and even the EFCC have warned and picked off these guys due to internet fraud. Well, it is fast becoming a norm for these guys to always to pay off these so-called security officials and go scot free.

Looking Ahead

Yahoo could be put into something more productive and economical. For starters scamming does not help anybody on a long run because people will never take your word when it matters.

Since Yahoo involves the use of computers, gadgets, etc, they could go into things like graphics designing, Photography, Programming, Coding and based on their interest in them.

Money gathered from this scheme(I mean the Yahoo business) by the EFCC could be put into businesses such as car washes, business centers, football viewing centers, agriculture(and I mean mechanized ones such as Green Houses) at least. They should find a way to set these boys up, they are all looking for a means of survival.

A Modern Green House

All I am saying is that Yahoo reduced the wave of cultism in school, though this can be debated. But the truth remains that if the system was right these young folks would not bother to partake in scamming but rather do meaningful things that would put food on their tables.

Nigeria needs more digital literates in the future, Yahoo boys might just be the right army to tap into. What do you guys think?

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