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All that s*x talk back then, what did we do (18+)

February 15, 2018


All that s*x talk back then, what did we do (18+)

I won’t even form at all, I was eager to know more about sex. Especially when the guys want to form they know sex best. Let me be honest. I was one of them, I was trying to join the proverbial “bad gang”. Or better yet, I was ready to feel among.

The thing is, none of us had had sex back then, we had read books, heard some sex styles in some movies and even curiously watched a bit of p*rn with friends, all these to show that we know… Smh. It’s quite funny now when I remember, so I attended a boarding school and as with most secondary schools, we have the say classmates and set-mates, and we all experience puberty together.. terrible times


In JSS3, the most thing guys really wanted to know was: which girls have gotten their period and the girls in return would ask: which guys have gotten wet dreams. (Remember, we had just learnt about sexual maturity in class, girls becoming women, boys becoming men ).

At this time, we were all definitely virgins, but some felt the need to form “all-knowing”. The guys always made sexual jokes and the girls became very aware of their changing bodies.

Ok!! Fast forward to the university, not so surprising, a good number of the freshers (jambites) are still virgins and of course, they still pretend like they aren’t. Fun times!!

The only thing that changes is that now, the girls are more comfortable in their bodies, they’ve read a lot, googled a lot, seen a little and are definitely prepared for the battle of the virgins who are pretending they aren’t!!! This is where we all get vulnerable and allow our emotions get the best of us. Can you blame us,body no be firewood o, LOL. We had thought and envisioned what it would look like to have sex.

We spend precious time planning the various moves. While some of us could keep up with the pretense that we are not virgins, some just could not hold it anymore. Whichever side you stay on the divide, we really tried o. This is not to point accusing fingers at anybody but to reminisce about how we felt back then.

Now that you know better, would you have just waited or would you still go ahead to lose it?

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