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Meet Samuel Taiwo who started his business at age 18 with his phone

February 19, 2018


Meet Samuel Taiwo who started his business at age 18 with his phone

This week, meet Samuel Taiwo who started his first business at the age of 18. He calls himself a social media entrepreneur. That sounds new, right? When did people start building a career in social media? We had an interesting conversation and he was able to shed some light on his journey so far.

Introduce yourself and what you do?

My name is Samuel Taiwo, I am a social media entrepreneur. I started a social media platform called Futagramm that amassed a huge following, especially on Instagram. I do business off/on it.

How did you embark on the journey of being a social media entrepreneur? Was it a lifelong dream?

It all started like a joke. I had been on social media for a while and most especially Instagram and I realized that a few universities had Instagram pages of their own. A platform where they featured students from their various universities. And I thought it would be cool to have a platform for my school FUTA. So I created Futagramm in the process and the rest is history.  So I later expanded to other handles covering the entire Ondo State.

How has this changed your life?

It has made me see the vast potentials in social media. You know social media gives you the power to create your own world. As long as you are creative you will have a headway on Social media. Those days are over where you have to go through someone or a system of people just to get your voice out. Social media has no barrier, no class nor age bracket, just do your thing and be creative at it.

How can young people tap into social media?

Being a social media entrepreneur/influencer can take you to a whole new level where you get to influence and entertain a lot of people and in doing so, you generate income for yourself. A perfect example is Lasisi Elenu, who just started last year August, currently, he has over 400,000 followers. And you have so many other people like on Social Media, so what are you waiting for?

Did your parents understand what you do for a living?

Well, for now, they don’t. They just understand I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for “opportunities”.

How have you been able to handle both school and business together?

School comes first but I prioritize a lot. There is always a way to balance both. The beautiful thing about making money on social media is that it doesn’t come with stress and can be done anywhere at any time.

Was your age a barrier for you when you started?

Age was never a barrier and I don’t think it would never be an issue for anybody as long as you have good contents to offer or there is a need you are trying to meet.Before setting out, understand the need you are trying to fill first and remain consistent.

It is never rosy all the time, how was your first year in business?

It didn’t go well at all, at some point I felt like quitting especially when you put in a lot of resources without getting results at first but it taught to be consistent. Consistency, perseverance is what you need to keep going. As long as you have good contents you will get there.

For those who want to do what you do, how do they go about it?

First, they must have great and interesting content to offer. Something new and creative, not just the norm. You can start with Instagram to build your social media community. Then later move on to start YouTube contents. The trick is to always remain consistent, those who need your services would certainly reach out to you.

If you could give a two scent advice to young people out there, what would you say them?

Discover who you really are and be consistent and passionate about it.

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