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10 harsh important things you should know as a young Nigerian

February 22, 2018


10 harsh important things you should know as a young Nigerian

You are young, your adrenaline is pumping fast. You want to try out new things. For some of you, this would be your first time away from your parents.

My advice- Try it all. And then keep the good stuff.

Your time is very important

Don’t waste it. The value you place on your time would determine the decisions you make. Say No to craps from friends and associates. Use your time reasonably, you are never going to get it back.

Nobody cares about you

You think people care about your existence, nobody does in the real world. It is not personal but maybe if you meet good people though — they also don’t care for long — if anything happens to you, you might be the only one standing.

99% of your friends are only friends in certain surroundings

You high school friends remain just your high school friends. The moment you cross over to the University, so long… Everyone goes their separate ways, you get to pick a new set of friends …Life goes on.As you climb the ladder of success you might shed off your friends to make new friends. If you find someone who you are friends with regardless of what you do together, distance and the new acquaintances in your life, those are real friends. Stick with them.

Nobody has any idea what their future looks like

I know it seems like everyone is has it all figured out. They still haven’t figured out what their future looks like. No one does, you are not alone…Relax!! They are just as lost as you are, everyone seems like they get it right? Like they know where they are going to be in 5 years, 10 years from now.  Have a chat with one that you know and you will realize that they are as scared as you are.

Don’t worry it is normal for every young chap.

Texting “u” instead of “you”

I know we are in a digital age and we want to say things as fast as we can. Stop it, you will get used to it and it would damage your grammar and vocabulary. Besides no one wants to give a job to someone who can’t write well or speak good English.

You can afford to be vulnerable

I know it looks weird to be vulnerable especially to relationships and challenges. But it is the spice of life. You can’t know how deep you can go until you go deep.

Most promises don’t materialize

Anytime you get promised, take your mind off it. Don’t count on it, if it happens fine. Learn to fend for yourself and grow up.

Nothing happens unless you try

There is no room for just aspiration, you have to do something about it. Take small steps to your big dreams every day. This should get you closer to your dreams. It is up to you.

Integrity is everything

Don’t lose it.

Reading is the most important thing

“I cant read for long, I lose concentration”, I know, stay on it. Get yourself together and read my friend. This is what will stand you out in the coming days and years. Wisdom lies in books.

It is all about who knows you

It is a game of who knows you. Make conscious efforts to expand your network, beyond your scope. Meet new people, and most of all, keep your word.

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