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What is wrong with being fat?

February 22, 2018


What is wrong with being fat?

It baffles me at times when young ladies body shame one another or how they react when you simply tell them they’ve added weight. I usually look forward to people saying hey you, you’ve gained some weight. I immediately imagine myself adding weight in the right places and how my clothes will suddenly fit perfectly and bring out my curves not like I’m the type to show off curves lol.

It’s very unhealthy for anyone to think that being fat is wrong I mean you are eating properly isn’t that like the sign of a good living?

I noticed many plus-sized folks usually have the following problems;

Low self-esteem

I’ve noticed that a lot of plus size persons usually suffer from low self-esteem and are always willing to settle for less in terms of friendships and relationships. Funny thing is everyone seems to know this little secret and are always willing to take advantage of this.

A plus-sized person is 90% more likely to stay with a cheating partner because they believe no other person is going to accept them for their body size. This is speaking from the female perspective. We are all different with beautiful souls inside waiting to be loved. FYI, Love who you are, don’t settle.

Lack of body confidence

Most plus sized persons lack “packaging”. They’ve given up on looking chic because of their body size but this is totally wrong. It’s never okay to dress shabbily with the excuse that you’re a little overweight.

I think the Era of social media complicated being fat by giving rise to series of body trimmers, waist belts, coffee, keto therapy etc . I’m not against keeping fit or going through some exercise routine if you feel the need to but using artificials to lose weight is definitely a No-No for me. It’s okay to lose weight if you feel it’s affecting your health but not because you’re tired of being body shamed by skinny girls lol.

Love thyself

In summary, there’s nothing wrong with being fat but most importantly try to lead a healthy life, engage in series of exercise routine, work on excessive belly fat and gain some weight in the right places(this is very important to me lol).

Enjoy your body size either skinny or plus size you never might know your body size might be the first thing to attract your Mr. Right

What’s your opinion on this? Do you think being fat is totally wrong and you should do just anything to get rid of the fat or remain fat and not care what people think about your body size?

Pictures for this article were taken by Guze Art Photography who was on a mission to show the beauty in plus -sized ladies.

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