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Celebrity Lookbook: The Stylish RMD

February 23, 2018


Celebrity Lookbook: The Stylish RMD

It’s another edition of the Celebrity lookbook.

Today we will be focusing on the youngest man in the Nigeria movie industry, he has an unbeatable dress sense, a dress sense that those in their 30s can only work so hard to beat. I know the name is already somewhere in your head and I will only have to mention it to make the article comprehensive

Our celebrity lookbook is focusing on Richard Mofe Damijo aka RMD.

Did you ever think a pair of a colored suit is a perfect outfit choice? Or matching up a pair of suits with sneakers was a good idea?


RMD just set the record straight with this outfit and I’m certain a lot of young boys and beginning to rock their pair of suits with sneakers.

Richard Mofe Damijo’s outfit to the premiere of wedding party 2.

For a moment I thought I saw an Arabian King, RMD sure knows how to style himself up to meet the theme of any event he’s attending.

RMD in a casual outfit.

A simple track and hoodie for that weekend relaxation.

RMD’s bespoke outfit to celebrate his birthday

He has a style personality that just sinks into any outfit he wears.

RMD the Yoruba Angel’s Dad rocking his navy blue Agbada.

RMD’s looking so stylish in his very casual outfit.

RMD rocking a mix of the western and traditional outfit.

RMD spiced up his usual outfit with traditional beads and pants and paired it with a beautiful pair of shoes.

RMD’s outfit to the hush premiere


When it comes to fashion is RMD your real MVP or Nah?? Share your opinions in the comment section!

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