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Mistakes should not define a person

February 23, 2018


Mistakes should not define a person

When someone’s made a mistake, you don’t point fingers at the person and make the person feel like the greatest sinner in the Instead, you show that person God’s love and how even when we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

A lot of believers these days are not ready to teach God’s love to others, instead, all they want to do is gossip about the person or make the person feel sad, dirty and depressed and that shouldn’t be so. Someone did something wrong, extend your arm of love to that person, don’t push that person away, don’t write off anybody because if God were to start judging us all we probably will end up in hell cos a sin is a sin.

In God’s eyes, a lie is as great as fornication, stealing is as great as murder, but even with all this He still loves us and He is ready to bring us into his loving arms. So the same way God loves us and hates our sins, we as believers should do the same. We should love people around us and hate their sins, we should pray for them.

Enough is enough of judging people, enough is enough of making them feel they cannot be forgiven. Just love that person the same way God loves you, don’t write anybody off and don’t abandon anybody. Also, don’t tell every Tom, dick and harry what the person is going through. We are all pastors and councilors, we can pray and advice a person without telling anybody about it.

So before you judge that person ,put yourself in that person’s shoe and think “if I were the one,will I want them to act this way towards me”

Everybody makes mistakes, no one is perfect.

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