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You can’t stop mentioning your ex

February 26, 2018


You can’t stop mentioning your ex

It all started with an “I love you” then suddenly it turns sour and all you can say is ” I need a break” or “this isn’t working” you both try to see reasons why this isn’t working out and then eventually you had to let go. Life continues, both parties move on sometimes to remain single for a long while but most times into a new relationship.

Life seems to be perfect for you now, you’ve got a new girl and you’ve both promised to remain faithful to each other suddenly your Ex pops back into your life. What makes it even worse is if she was your first love. Can you relate?`

It baffles me that most exes usually come back when you’ve got something beautiful going on.This brings me to a very important question. Is it wrong to text your Ex or keep in touch?  I personally think that you shouldn’t give your ex an audience after a break up especially if you are in another relationship.

Here is why you should never go back to your Ex;

You broke up for a reason

The face you make when you break up with an Ex

There is a reason why you both agreed to go separate ways no matter how it hurts. You chose not to give a try but to end it. So why go back to your Ex and put up for the same reasons you broke up in the first place? People hardly change easily, it takes time, grace and prayers sometimes. So why go through all the trauma again?

This has more to do with you than her

You might just be the reason why the relationship did not work out. Tell yourself the hard truth, you know that you are a pain in the ass too sometimes. Sometimes, the other party tries to put up with your baggage of problems. Should you continue to punish her in anguish or rather work on yourself and try to get better.

The s*x is the same

S*x is not the premise of a relationship. I keep repeating this to people of my generation. If you are getting it just the right way you want it, that doesn’t mean it should hold you down. You need to be loved and feel the need to reciprocate the love. The s*x is just an add-on people. Be wise!

You already made it through

You already made it out of the relationship, why go back. You tell yourself that you can’t find someone like her again. Is that so? I suggest you change your network. For those in new relationships, you don’t want your new partner doubting your feelings towards them and also you don’t want to give your ex the impression that you are always available to them. She will use it to her advantage, period! What guys do most times, is to juxtapose their ex with their new partner. As if they are trying to discard an old phone and they trying to check which brand to buy. Take this two scent advice from me, every girl comes with her own baggage.

What’s your take on this?? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

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