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Oh No, I’m not crying, it is just Onions

February 27, 2018

Oh No, I’m not crying, it is just Onions

Hello, lovelies,

This post is somewhat personal and I have a certain attachment to it hence why it took me awhile before releasing. Just so you know, you are allowed to let the pain out as no one is bulletproof to heartbreak

Sniff in, sniff out.

It really does hurt more when you try to hold it in.

I thought I was a lucky Lilly

For finding my way to your waters,

You made me blossom,

That I can’t deny.

It was my final attempt at giving up,

I was on the verge of crossing my last t’s and dotting my I’s

But you,

Thought me to look back, to check my punctuation.

You asked me to give it a last chance.

So you wouldn’t blame my Egyptian walls

For breaking just a little for you to squeeze through,

Till you finessed your way in,

And I handed you the main prize.

You wanted in and out at your leisure,

And I, just like a broken box been checked in

Too fragile for all that fuss.

It was your game,

And I sure wasn’t a player.

You were the prize and me just the wailer.

You acted as though loving me was a favor,

And I tried to repay your kindness

By shouting ‘how high’ at your constant ‘jump’ orders

But I could never be enough,

I always had to do something wrong.

Just as I in the twinkle of an eye would admit to a crime I was ignorant of.

So here goes my wailing heart,

Telling me ‘not again, you stubborn goat’

Now I am out of all the love you could ever produce,

And unfortunately, I have no spare.

So I a solitary reaper,

But not so solitary for I have myself and the lemonades I would be making out of the lemons life dealt me.

Too timid to admit that for the first time my Soldiers have been defeated.

So yeah the sniffs, it’s just flu and nothing more.

The loss of appetite is just fever and nothing more.

Oh no, I’m not crying

I’m just you know,

cutting onions.

About the Author


Akinmade Habibat is a graduate of Law from the prestigious premier university, University of Ibadan. Obtained her B.L in the Nigerian Law School, Bwari, Abuja. She is a fun & upbeat person but also a realist who ironically believes in love. She loves to write about the things we think about but can’t fine-tune into words.


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