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Vintage Boyfriend

February 28, 2018


Vintage Boyfriend

I have a love affair with anything considered “too old” by people in my generation. My love for anything “too old” can be particularly seen in my taste in music and movies. Being a cynical romantic, old love songs and romance movies tingle my fancy. Naturally, I crave a love like the ones I’ve watched in Gone with the Wind and The Notebook. I yearn for a permanent version of the feeling Frank Sinatra and Nate King Cole songs give me. But can that kind of love exist in the 2010s?

The male leads in my favorite “old”  movies and the men who sang my favorite “old” love songs came from a time where chivalry was a norm. The men were gentlemanly and the women were proper ladies. They came from a time where when something was broken, they fixed it. Love was nothing to be shy of and marriage was of the utmost importance. Double dating was a bigger sin and having ‘sidechicks’ or ‘sideniggas’ was not glorified.

The men were brought up to treat women well and certain behaviors towards women were unseemly. Things, like opening doors for ladies and offering a coat to a shivering lady (although the men could do this thanks to the other layers of clothing they usually had on!), were no big deal. Being a proper gentleman was a societal norm and not a questionable thing. Why are these things such a big deal now?

I have no answers to my questions but I would say this. Vintage men are suited for vintage women. Their time has gone but I do believe we have our 21st-century versions of the “old” gentlemen. We just have to bid our time and wait and see.

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