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YC Exclusive: The secret life of a Nigerian runs girl

March 1, 2018


YC Exclusive: The secret life of a Nigerian runs girl

Disclaimer: For the sake of this article the name characters have been changed and pictures used are not to reflect anyone involved but to add more context to the article.

My name is Prisca, I work at a prestigious Bank in Nigeria from 8-5, but at night I’m a “hustling” girl just trying to make balances so I can afford my expensive lifestyle. Now let me tell you my story.

I know a lot of you will judge me for saying I’m a hustling girl or as you all like to call girls that hustle at night “slay queens, commercial sex workers” without knowing what actually pushed me into the craft. If you don’t then you don’t have the right to judge me. Let he that is without a sin be the first to cast the stone, oh¬†do I see all of your reactions change into a slight embarrassment? Anyways back to my story.

Like I said earlier my name is Prisca, I graduated from one of the best Federal universities in Nigeria with a second class upper, so I wouldn’t say I fit into the category of ladies you’all will call a “Bimbo”. The zeal to live an independent life pushed me out of my parent’s house two years ago to hustle.

I got a job as a marketer almost immediately and then my story changed. I started off as an innocent marketer who was always hoping my sweet voice will buy all these businessmen, but after three months of trying, I soon realized that the only way to get these men to open their accounts with me was to use what I have to get what I want.

Using what I had to get what I wanted was relatively easier than having to talk so much to these men. I have so many Lagos rich men at my fingertips and as you all know I became a big girl living the Vida local lifestyle. My night routine includes meeting up with “my clients” at the nicest hotels in Lagos to settle unfinished bed business. I get to snap pictures of myself in the nicest restaurants and hotels for the gram. I have over 50k followers who are usually inspired by my inspirational posts and crisp pictures and you’d never know what I do with my night.

Unlike every other girl that will blame their venturing into runs on losing their parents, I ventured into runs because I craved financial independence and yes I got it but you know what I never got? True love, passionate sex and none of these men treated me with respect but rather as a sex object that wanted nothing but their money.

Sad story …

It’s sad that these days in our society we have so many “Priscas”, ladies who during the day work in one organization or the other but at night resumes their side hustle “runs”. It baffles me that they always want the right thing but usually threads the wrong path to actually achieve their goal. The likes of Prisca crave financial independence but are not satisfied with what their job is paying so they decide to include a “side hustle” to balance up lapses.

Most girls these days want to use the latest iPhones, finest designer bags, shoes and clothes, human hair, most expensive makeup and skin care products but can’t even afford to buy all of these things and it brings me to a funny question I usually ask myself “will you proud of yourself if in future you hit it big, become financially independent but you can’t boldly say you worked so hard to get all of these legitimately by yourself?” If your answer is No then I’m sorry to say you just hustled in vain. Everyone gets to pay for their atrocities soon or later. Don’t say I did not warn you.

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