The kind of people you see in Universities

March 2, 2018


The kind of people you see in Universities

We have heard these arguments several times about which University has a more social lifestyle. The University which most people presume to be the most social is Unilag or you can call it MAULAG. But it is obviously a perception, every school has a balance of academics and social lifestyle.

There are so many kinds of personalities that go to the University, though, some get to school and change personalities. The various personalities fall under;

Those who are all about Academics

They live a triangular lifestyle. From Class to Church/Mosque to their bed

Those who want to be social and also take their academics seriously

The face you make when you are 30 minutes late for lecture

Those who want to at least say they are a graduateĀ but want to remain social

Just give me the damn certificate

Those who don’t care about school at all

Money miss road o. E gbami

So which one were you back in school?

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