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YC Movie Review: What I learnt from the movie 12 Strong

March 8, 2018


YC Movie Review: What I learnt from the movie 12 Strong

For those who are yet to see the move 12 Strong, there might be some spoilers here. 12 Strong tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11; under the leadership of a new captain, the team must work with an Afghan warlord to take down for the Taliban.

We don’t get to see the inside stories of some of these happenings. This is the case in Nigeria anyway, we are yet to see a movie that explains what happened during the Civil war. We shy away from our stories, whereas these stories are in our DNA and they are sown into our fabric as a nation. We still relish from the spoils of the Civil war till date.

12 Strong was a movie that got me biting my fingers throughout. Based on a true life story in September 2011. The aftermath of the bombing of the world trade center by the late criminal mastermind, Bin Laden. Some men, 12 in number were sent on a mission to wage war against the Taliban which at that time was the stronghold of Bin Laden. They risked everything, families and good rest of mind to fight for their countries. I was almost in tears when they were bidding their families good by.  I realized that we don’t do much in saluting the courage wives of the military who have to see their better half go to war and only hope they come back.

How do you love your family and go to war? These men went to war without backups except Air strikes. The first 12 as they are called, fought back without any playbook, they had to write their own. A real-life lesson, there is no playbook in life, you just have to write your own book.

The 12 went to war riding horses with the help of General Dosum who had something against the Taliban. They were able to win the battle but did not win the war yet until Bin Laden was later killed. The movies show heroism, team building, team spirit and the qualities of a leader. So many lessons from the movie, it is a nice movie to watch. We hope to see movies like that in Nigeria.


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