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Why you should care about your career choices

March 12, 2018


Why you should care about your career choices

I wanted to be an Engineer while growing up. You get to mess around with technology and help people solve problems. In my mind my own reason for wanting to study Engineering. It has always been a dream to be an Engineer, I really don’t know who put that in my head. All I know is that I kept destroying things in the house in the name of fixing them. Everyone in the family rode with that vision, even when it was obvious that my maths sucks.

When you are forced by your parents, society to follow through with a career.

So I think I know why I wanted to be an Engineer now. It was solely on the fact that it was the cool thing to be at that time. If you are a young champ in science class, engineering or medicine was just the way to prove how smart you are. Society let respects certain careers over others. Whereas for a system to work, every career existing today is very important. That is how the universe remains whole.You need the builders, the makers, the philosophers, the artisans, the lawmakers, those who enforce the laws and so on. We are all equal regardless of whatever career path we decide to take.

Here are a few things to take note when choosing a career;

  • How relevant is that career?
  • How passionate are you about that career?
  • Do you have what it takes to sail through that career?
  • Is the career choice just a fantasy?
  • Are you deciding on your career based on your parent’s decision and not what you love?
  • Is peer pressure part of your reason for choosing a career?

Whatever your decisions are, it is a long road and we would be here analyzing and telling you what you need for various careers every Monday.

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