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A Paradigm on Success

March 13, 2018

A Paradigm on Success

Society’s scale of measurement for success has MONEY, ACHIEVEMENTS, FAME & RECOGNITIONS as its yardstick. And so, how well you have these 5 things would determine how you will measure on that scale of success.
Before I continue, let me say make this clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having Money in abundance, having great achievements, or even fame and recognition. THESE THINGS ARE A PROVE that you have lived your life in a way that beats the regular way others live. (please read the last sentence again)

Having MONEY, ACHIEVEMENTS, FAME & RECOGNITIONS is as a RESULT of living life by making a certain class of choices as we journey through life. They don’t just jump on anyone who does nothing but sit and dream, you have to be deliberate about them if you want them. They are simply REWARDS.

I believe, that attaining that status called success shouldn’t be what anyone chase, I believe it should be a natural resultant of a certain kind of living and choice making.

The faulty Paradigm


Money, is a necessary TOOL on this earth and no one can deny that, but it should not be the source of our self-esteem. That is one major error out there, people crave money because they need it to make an impression, or to feel good, and the problem with acquiring wealth for feel-good sake is that you will be pushed to do anything to get it, also, you will keep chasing it forever.

The moment someone beats your previous achievement, you begin to feel less. The moment someone else begins to outperform you and take the shine and recognition you used to have all to yourself, you begin to feel inadequate again as you were before you had your first taste of it.

A Shift in Focus and Perception

So, I say instead, why don’t we see these things; MONEY, ACHIEVEMENTS, FAME & RECOGNITIONS as what they are; pure OUTCOME, RESULT or REWARD for men and women who are making both horizontal and vertical progress in their Life’s Work. Take a second look at successful people, the money they have, the awards they get, the fame they have is because they are DOING A WORK that gives value and so they get these things as their reward.

So what is your Life’s WORK, what work are you committed to doing, what are you DOING? If your FOCUS is on creating and doing awesome stuff, all these things would fall on you as a REWARD or RESULT. I suggest that we each FOCUS more on knowing what our individual path in life is and walk it. In my previous post, I talked about why it is not just enough to do great work, but to also POSITION it for the eyes and ears that would value it and also be a catalyst for its expansion.

In conclusion, MONEY, ACHIEVEMENTS, FAME & RECOGNITIONS are not bad, but let’s just change our FOCUS and PERCEPTION about the priorities of life.

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Paul Shola Oguntade: He considers himself as a creative cerebral, a writer, creative designer, brand strategist. CEO, Paul Avan



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