Ladies, listen up: For International Women’s Day

March 13, 2018

Ladies, listen up: For International Women’s Day

I’ve always complained about being a girl. From dysmenorrhea to getting stained to the irritable sanitary pads; the unnecessary 6pm curfews; having to close one’s laps while the males can spread all they want; wearing bras, hair struggle; face struggle; figure 8 struggle; working towards not looking too fat or too skinny. It looks like a lot of struggle, isn’t it? I’m not done o, the pregnancy struggle to labor/delivery struggles and the “joys” of motherhood are also there. I have always seen womanhood as a struggle and all the stories of domestic violence, sexual harassment and gender imbalance do not help matters. Maybe you also feel the same way. “Whew…”, you think aloud, “…that’s a lot”. Don’t worry you are not alone. I used to think like that too. But since life is a mix of learning, unlearning and relearning, I want you to unlearn the half picture and see the full picture.

Even though we are the “weaker” vessels and we have a frail nature, we possess a strength that does not come from having muscles or six packs. Even Macklemore in his song which I love so much, “Growing Up” sings: “They say girls should not be tough, but my momma’s the toughest person I know”. This strength is a strength that pushes a mother with an irresponsible husband to find a way to fend for herself and her children. It is a strength that pushes a woman with a 8am-4pm job to wake up by 5am, bathe her two children, dress them up, tidy the house, cook breakfast, go to work, come back, make dinner and still give in to her husband when he asks for sex and continue the cycle for a long time. It is a strength that helps her absorb the beatings and emotional violence. It is also a strength that the man draws from when he is sad or when he needs to take a decision. So hey woman, you are strong. Maximise your strength.

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In conclusion, I’d borrow with a quote from my dear friend, Helen, “You’ve got a lot on your inside ladies, and it’s not just babies”. Gbam! So listen up, you have wealth, skills, beauty, brains, love and God. Don’t walk with slouched shoulders but with your head held high! You have a lot to offer your husband, your children and your space at large, so look within and develop yourself to be an asset. Always strive to be confident. Celebrate yourself every day! Happy Women’s Day once again!!!

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