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Nigeria’s political problem is a shame to all

March 13, 2018


Nigeria’s political problem is a shame to all

Nigeria gained independence in 1960 and ever since have gone through different forms of leadership. We have had the military rule, dictatorship rule and now we enjoy the democratic rule. We have had a fair share of the democratic rule which many felt was our only hope for good governance. For more than 16 years, we have enjoyed democracy by the hands of men who have no regards for the masses. They come out during the election campaigns to seek for votes, tell us interesting stories like  “I did not have a shoe to go to school or I have no money to do election or I am just a regular farmer”. We have heard these lies over and over again, politicians making promises they can’t keep.

Every election campaign has had a transformation agenda, sometimes it is 10 points, 20 points, but look at where we are. Does it look like we are transforming anything? What does the word transformation even mean?

We still have the same form of problems which means we are not growing. The same campaign promises from the Abiola’s election campaign that was annulled by General Babaginda is still at play today. We are still been promised good roads, good light, good education, more jobs. Where you know that you are growing is when your problems are changing and not taken different forms.

If the problem of our dear country has not changed, then we have not had any form of transformation in decades. Why are the upper class deceiving us especially with the “settling” mentality?

In a sane country, the real power is with the people but that doesn’t seem to be the case here in Nigeria. The upper class which contains the minority who also take the name of the affluent, rule the country. We can establish that there is no middle class in Nigeria.

When there is no middle class, there cannot be a real democracy. The unempowered youths are at the center of it all. Nigeria’s problem is simple, the power is not with the people but the political class. Are the political class which constitutes a minority, that smart to undermine the powers of the masses? No, they are not, we the masses have given them the powers to dictate to us. The settling mentality is the biggest problem that we have, it can be trickled down to corruption. Until we are able to destroy this mentality and politicians know they can’t settle the masses anymore, the right people will be voted into power and they would certainly be held accountable for their actions.

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