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The Day my Village People Caught Me

March 14, 2018


The Day my Village People Caught Me

On this faithful Day, I boarded a bus back to school and as usual, I was sad about resuming

School sweet but exam spoil am

Few kilometers into my 3-hour journey, my stomach rumbled and I thought it was nothing

Then it rumbled some more and I felt a little bit hot from within.

Ha, God … Warris happening

So I said to myself why not sleep before your stomach will show itself

But sleep decided to run away from me in my time of need

Now all the air coming in through the windows couldn’t suppress the heat which my body was producing at an alarming rate

But as a sharp guy, I just packaged myself inside the bus and started thinking of many things to distract my stomach

But no, my village people will not leave my stomach in peace

Now my ass was starting to dance to the tune my stomach was playing

Immediately, the bus entered Akure which was my destination, my whole body was starting to fall apart

On getting to my junction, for some reason which I still cannot still understand, bikes were nowhere to be found

After I took 5 steps, I felt some hot content flowing down my boxers, that was when I knew they had caught me finally


So I had to undergo a walk of shame from my junction to my lodge


But on getting to lodge it was empty (they had not yet returned from school)

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