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Here’s why we started YC

March 15, 2018


Here’s why we started YC

Over the period of two months that we started YC, people ask us all the time why we started YC, so here it is. We think young Nigerians are the best people on planet earth and we want to celebrate that whilst helping them become even better people. We were so tired of the narrative been sold by mainstream media outlets and what they put out about young Nigerians. Do we always need to be portrayed as one who only cares about frivolities and mediocrity? Why is there always a bad image of Nigerian youths online?

Yes, we understand that we have some minor cases of people behaving otherwise, but that’s simply not the definition of the average young Nigerian. Also, it is difficult for a young Nigerian who is doing great in his/her craft and living in a place like Kwara state to get noticed going by our current mainstream media outlets.  We are an example of that, we have been working in the media space for close to five years helping others tell their stories, showcasing them to the world through a platform. We never got noticed by anyone, I know you can also relate to that.

So we created YC for all the awesome young Nigerians that we knew existed across the country and in the diaspora – the young adults who want to build million dollar companies, lead corporate organisations, build creative enterprises and become leaders soon. We created YC to cater to these young people and provide them with all the tools they need to succeed in their career, endeavour and get noticed for their work. We created YC for young people who are thirsty for knowledge in building their dreams. We created YC for people like YOU, like me.

If you’re reading this we love you and are passionate about changing the narrative for good, that you matter to the world. We hope to build a community of smart young Nigerians by sharing their stories and empowering them to be a better person.

So help us, God!!



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