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How Nigerian Are Your Parents ?

March 19, 2018


How Nigerian Are Your Parents ?

Nigerian parents always have these beliefs and are sure to always tell them to their children at every given point in time.

When your mum tells you not to whistle at night because it will attract snakes

When your mum asks you to leave small iyan(pounded yam) on the pestle so that your children will have hair

When she says you should not use a broom to flog a male child so his genitals do not disappear

Or the times she says you should not cross over people’s legs so that your children would not look like them in future

When you mistakenly break one plate and she screams and says you should break all the plates in the house

The day you wrap yourself in a mat and she starts screaming that you will not die but live to declare the Glory of God



When they barge into your room and say it is their house and you are a tenant in it

I am not understanding

When you do not finish your food and your mum tells you to either finish it or eat it for breakfast the next day

The day your mum tells you to bring something and when you ask where to drop it she says you should drop it on her head

Or when you are not satisfied with the food your mum gives you and she tells you to go and drink Garri

The days they say you cannot go visit a friend because he does not come to visit you often

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