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Things you should know before going for your next job interview

March 19, 2018


Things you should know before going for your next job interview

If you must know, your words can make a difference. What you utter during an interview significantly determines whether or not you get the job. As young people at the beginning of our different chosen careers, the cliched answer to the famous question “ Why do you think we should hire you?”  is, “I just finished NYSC and I am looking to gain experience at your company”. This my friend, is playing into the hands of your interviewer.

The words used in an interview will convey the first impression about you and your abilities. Beyond what is on your CV, the interviewer would like to determine if you are the right person for the job; to that end, there are certain things you need to communicate.


Every employer wants to recruit responsible individuals. They are looking for people who do not need to be “spoon-fed” to execute tasks. No employer has that time! During an interview, you should effectively communicate how responsible you are; your ability to coordinate yourself when given a task; your ability to organize and complete tasks under pressure. These are few examples of character statements employers are looking for. Anyways, it goes beyond saying it, you need to have these traits to be a better employee and keep the job in the long run.

Talk about the company’s values

Let talk company values

To get a job, you need to know and understand the company’s values and mission. Use words in their values to communicate your personal values. You must be able to do that without sounding like you memorized their values. Try using your own phrases in between to express those values.


It is only Passion that kept Sanchez at Arsenal

Passion is what drives employees to get work done. You need to have a considerable amount of it to convince your interviewers that you are the right person for the job. No one wants to employ an individual who requires constant motivation to get tasks done.


Stay on top of your game like Lucious

You need to use the right words to convey your leadership qualities. You can give instances where you held leadership positions regardless of the size of the group. Leadership qualities are a necessity at places of work; situations may arise where you will be required to step up as a leader.

The next time you go for an interview, remember our advice, brace up and go get that dream job.

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