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Start grinding for the future

March 22, 2018

Start grinding for the future

Whatever we want to Become tomorrow, it can only be so if we sit down today and lay out the steps
that would get us there eventually.

The above paragraph seems like the obvious and a cliché, however, the exact opposite is what most of
us do when we aspire to become something in life. We only have dreams and desires, there are not
actionable steps towards it except for the worries and fantasies.

Asides from writing and teaching, I also create digital designs. As a matter of fact, I can be considered as
a self-taught designer. And what I have learnt from that is; to learn fast and be better at design, pick a
great design done by someone else and redesign it until you get it. Repeat this several times with
various designs until you become a great as well.

How to become the person of our dream shares a parallel with the above explanation. Who in life has
walked a similar path you want to walk, find them and reverse engineer what they have done. What is it
you want to achieve, think of it and layout the steps that would get you there tomorrow.
It’s that simple, although the journey isn’t, and I guess that’s why many don’t get there or even try at all.

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Paul Shola Oguntade: He considers himself as a creative cerebral, a writer, creative designer, brand strategist. CEO, Paul Avan



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