All The Things that occur while you are an Unemployed Youth

March 22, 2018


All The Things that occur while you are an Unemployed Youth

You become the automatic driver for the house

The house help jobs are given to you because you do not have what to do

When something is missing in the fridge you are always the first suspect

Sleeping during the day is now an offense because they believe it is lazy People that do that

You start gaining weight because you will just be eating anyhow

Your WhatsApp messages consist of job messages because everyone is sending job openings to you

Waking up after 6 am is a taboo for you

Speaking your mind to your parents is seen as disrespect

Your mum’s friends will keep asking you “how far babe na”

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  1. […] They say an idle man is the devil’s workshop”. if nothing is forthcoming learn a new skill. We are in a Knowlege based age, and only those with the right knowledge can survive. It is important that you choose skills based on your interests and career prospects. This will get you busy and out of the house at least. […]

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