3 crucial reasons why young people are being fired from work

April 10, 2018


3 crucial reasons why young people are being fired from work

As part of my job, I regularly work with people who own and run their own businesses. Many of these people are what you might call CEOs, highly respected in their fields. They complain about the crop of young graduates working for them and reason why they eventually fire them.

I decided to compile a few of them so you don’t fall into that trap;

They lack vision

Many do not know what they plan to achieve in their career and consequently, they have no vision. Young people sometimes struggle to appreciate the bigger picture and their role in it; this reduces their productivity. Being able to think like your boss will give your insight to ensure a top-notch delivery on every task you are given. The moment you can see the bigger picture and your role in it, you will deliver.


This flaw is mentioned a lot among some of my CEO friends. You cannot be overconfident when you are starting out your career. You will make mistakes, you will need to learn and unlearn. So you can not afford to be overconfident. There is a thin line though between self-belief and overconfidence. I am not saying you should not be confident in yourself, but don’t be overconfident.

Communication Gap

We are great at Snapchat, Instagram story, but fall short in writing professional emails. We struggle to get our points across. This is a big issue in the workplace, no one wants to recruit someone who cannot communicate properly. Your employers should be able to trust you with client and customer communication. Email etiquette which wasn’t taught in schools is very important in the workplace.

If you find yourself guilty of these attitudes, you might want to readjust and get better.

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