Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan plays ball with young Nigerians once again

April 13, 2018


Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan plays ball with young Nigerians once again

In 2016, Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan delivered a speech on the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in Africa at Oxford Union. In his statements, he spoke about the fact that young Nigerians need to be independent. But did nothing about it while he was in power.

In Nigeria and most African countries, there are well-educated young people. The problem is how to create opportunities for them.- Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

We can establish that the former President knows the power young people exudes and what could happen if given the chance to perform. Earlier in the week, the Former President met with the New Nigeria 2019 9NN-2019 group and the Young Professionals of Nigeria (YPN) in Yenagoa. The former President wants young aspiring politicians to work with their older counterparts in delivering effective governance. Jonathan chose his words carefully by also dissuading the young politicians to forget about the fact that the political system will be run solely by young politicians.


He said;

“I am not envisioning a government that every actor will be below thirty-five years old, but I share the aspiration of those who want young people to be fully involved in governance.

So the dream for a new Nigeria might be far-fetched going by the former President’s statement. The older generation will still play a significant role in Nigeria’s political system. But this doesn’t mean we should not aspire to rule this country someday, but rather intentional in the steps taken.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan during his 2015 campaign with young people

On the need for the change of mindset among the youths, the former President said, “Before I leave, let me charge the young people in two areas: the young must reform the old for us to grow positively. At the same time most of the challenges we are having in the society; it is not that the young people created them, but they are being used negatively.

Bottom line, the call for restructuring might just be the best solution in moving the nation forward. We have gotten to stage where the old ways do not work anymore.

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