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YC Movie Review: There is nothing new in New Money

April 13, 2018


YC Movie Review: There is nothing new in New Money

The days were movies were sold on DVD is gradually winding up. Everybody wants to do a movie for the screens. This year alone, Most Nollywood movies have joined the bandwagon of not only showing their movies in Cinemas but do really expensive movie premieres. New money wasn’t left out, a movie by two major powerhouses in the movie industry, FilmOne Distribution, and Inkblot Production. I was so much from this movie especially because the director, Tope Oshin is one of the best in the industry. I really dont know what went wrong.

Anyways, it did not take too long to establish plots which is a high note for me. Most Nigerians take at least 30 minutes to develop plots for the main characters. We knew who the main character in the first picture and her story as an upcoming fashion designer and one who is doing everything to survive.

Toun Odumosu gets a surprise visit from a seeming ‘Aristo’ who gives her a fat tip when he visits the supermarket she works at. She turns it down, and him too, stating expressly that she isn’t that kind of girl. Besides, she has a boyfriend, the English-murdering Quam (FalzTheBadGuy) she is extremely loyal to and she doesn’t hesitate to put this fact out there.

The issue with this film was the story itself. Yes, these things happen but not the way it was portrayed in the movie. Toun could have been very angry with her mother but not neglect her mother for that. So if Toun wasn’t having troubles, she won’t come back crawling to her mother. Also, why should Blossom Chukwujekwu and Jemima Osunde have any intimate relationship? Is that how you show affection for the first time, by kissing? To me, I felt he deserved a slap immediately, which is every Naija girls reaction when you try to do that without their consent.

The Lagos Fashion week angle didn’t just click for me. I really do not know what the story was trying to portray. Was it a sponsor tactic, if it is it could have been done better. If not for Falz in the movie, it could have been flat all through. But Falz brought his personality into the movie and it was evident throughout.

New Money will still get its audience because as Nigerian we hope our situation by miracles instead of doing the work.



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