How to use LinkedIn to find your next Job

April 16, 2018


How to use LinkedIn to find your next Job

If you’re looking for a new job or you’re contemplating changing jobs, there’s nothing more powerful than learning how to be efficient and effective on LinkedIn.The power of social media/networks is getting stronger. People lose jobs based on their social media interaction. While some don’t even get jobs because of their utterances on social media. This was why LinkedIn was created. Being listed on LinkedIn is very important if you are or want to be in the corporate world.

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For those who have created an account and updated every single action in your account, here is how to use LinkedIn to find your next job;

You get to click on jobs icon which is at the top menu

Signal that you’re open to new opportunities by turning on Open Candidates in your career preferences

Open Candidates allows you to quietly job search by privately signalling to recruiters that you’re open to new opportunities. This also increases your chances of showing up in searches when recruiters are researching candidates.


See what connections can help you find your way in

We know 70% of people get hired at a company where they have a connection. Don’t underestimate the incredible power of your professional network and a casual conversation. Your connections or mutual connections can be the key to finding your next career opportunity. LinkedIn surfaces people you know within messaging when you’re looking at a job listing or a company page to help you identify who you might know.

Take your job search on-the-go with LinkedIn’s mobile app

The LinkedIn Job Search App (available for iOS and Android) is our dedicated job searching experience and provides one place for you to search, save, apply, track and receive notifications on your mobile device about jobs you’re interested in. You can also filter by jobs that are available for “Easy Apply,” making it even easier to apply from your mobile device with a single tap using your LinkedIn profile.


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