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5 things you can learn from Debola Williams

April 17, 2018


5 things you can learn from Debola Williams

Debola Williams is a Nigerian media entrepreneur, journalist, political activist and motivational speaker. Described as “the man with the golden touch” by Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo, Williams has helped three African Presidents get elected. He is also the CEO, of one of the biggest media houses in Africa, RED Group.

Here are five things you can learn from Debola Williams;

Take your personal branding seriously

Debola can only be found most of the time wearing white and red. Most of the time he is on traditional attire dawning the colours of his company, red and white. No matter the occasion, Debola won’t change his style for anything.On the occasion where he gave an award-winning speech that caught Obama’s interest, he was wearing his “trad” as usual. Stick to a particular style, everyone knows Debola and his exquisite style. It helps people easily identify you.

Be a people person

I don’t believe there is anyone that matters that Debola doesn’t know or have access to in Nigeria. In fact, not just Nigeria, his network of friends, mentors are worth billions of dollars. How did a 15-year-old boy gain the ears of the upper class in the last two decades? Debola is a people person, he goes the extra length to cement friendship, support them any way he can. He exhumes people skills that gets everyone to love him. If Debola is in the room, you will know. Learn to be there for others, grow your network of friends. Help one another reach the top.

Develop an expensive outlook/alter ego

Everyone thinks Debola must be earning millions monthly, but that might not be the case. You are what you tell people you are. Debola has mastered the art of living an expensive lifestyle within his means and not above his means like many young people today. In truth, Debola hardly spends a full month in Nigeria these days. It goes back to your network and the value you provide to people. Having expensive outlook gains you entrance to the upper class without any extra funds coming from you. Show class and class will attract you.

Start early

Whatever your dreams are, start early enough. Debola started his business at age 15. He has had close to 17 years to build what he has today. Yes, it might be difficult at first, in fact, Debola wonders why young people come up with excuses when they plan to start something. For Debola, the problems only get you stronger. So deal with it early on and be consistent!

Don’t be in a hurry to get married

Everyone except Debola in this picture is either married or divorced. This might not work for everyone though, but Debola is yet to marry for only personal reasons. But we know that marriage can be a distraction sometimes to career-driven professionals. This may be the reason why DebolaLagos is yet to marry. Another reason could be that he is still waiting upon the Lord. However the case may be, it is working for him. He has built a million dollar company and whoever gets married to him is getting married to a million dollar man. Get your life sorted out first and every other thing like marriage will be added to you.


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