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To Do List

April 19, 2018

To Do List

When I was little, I remember my dad writing tasks down on a sticky note, putting it on the dashboard of the car as he drove us to school and ticking off the lists one by one as he completed the tasks.

There was always a new one each day, even on Sundays and what was there yesterday was not going to be there the next day. I found this funny then,” why would you need to write out stuffs you need to do before you do them when you can just do them as you think of it”. Growing a little bit older ,I got my answer.

To-do lists are like bucket lists but for a shorter period of time (days or weeks). I found out that writing out things I want to do each day, putting it up where I can see it and ticking it off one by one made me more organized and more focused and I achieved a lot more in a day than I would’ve if I just did things as I thought about them.

To-do lists should be simple and precise, shouldn’t be an essay and should most preferably be in bullet points.

Thetasks should be arranged in order of preference so the most urgent tasks get done first and finally make sure you tick off the tasks that have been completed.

This way you are focused, organized and you get to complete your tasks. No spillovers.

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