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Meet Tamilore Soneye, the Engineer who followed her passion to start a food business

April 23, 2018


Meet Tamilore Soneye, the Engineer who followed her passion to start a food business

Tamilore is an Industrial and Production Engineer from a prestigious University. But beyond her engineering, Tamilore is passionate about the food value chain and its potentially high impact reach for poverty alleviation and development. Driven by this passion, Tamilore started Culinarymasterminds. YC caught up with her in Ibadan and we had a chat.

Please introduce yourself to us?

My name is Oluwatamilore Soneye, the first in a family of 4 children, a graduate of Industrial and Production Engineering from the University of Ibadan and most importantly a Christian.

How did you find yourself in entrepreneurship/hospitality business? Was it a childhood dream

No, it wasn’t a childhood dream. I grew up seeing large cooking being done on a daily basis. Initially, I started out assisting my mom whenever she had outdoor catering. During my service year, I decided to follow my passion and start something.

Were there any challenges starting your business?

There were a couple of challenges starting especially with selling in a competitive business. Twitter has been a very good tool in this regard. Delivery can also be very tasking especially when I have to make deliveries to different ends of town. For now, I don’t use any delivery service within town because I believe the business is relatively small and I should be involved in the delivery process.

How have you been able to stand out in your business?

It has not been a rollercoaster ride but God has been faithful. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. I’ve been able to stand out by ensuring customer needs are met at all times. Most importantly, the customer is King so we strive to always please them.

How come an Industrial and Production Engineer is into the food business, what is it a hard decision to make? Do you plan to use your certification in the future?

It wasn’t a hard decision at all for me because I followed my passion, it is something I enjoy doing. Oh definitely! I plan on using my certificate in the nearest future.

Tell us about the challenges you faced and how you were able to surmount them.

One of my major challenges has been clientele. It’s not a days’ job, we’d not be discouraged, We’d get there someday.

Do you think the educational background really helped your business?

Yes, I believe my educational background has helped. At the undergraduate level, I took courses in Financial Accounting, Economics, Inventory to mention but a few, which has helped me understand the business environment better.

Finally , what is your opinion about young people delving into entrepreneurship without any prior knowledge of doing business?

My advise to young people delving into entrepreneurship without prior knowledge is that they should try to understudy already made entrepreneurs and know the nitty-gritty of what they are about to delve into. Although one can’t learn everything, practical experience and doing it over time is key. I was able to know the nitty-gritty because my Mom has been in outdoor catering for over two decades.

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