Takeaways from the #LazyNigerianYouths movement

April 23, 2018


Takeaways from the #LazyNigerianYouths movement

The President messed up! However, the aftermath of his statement has left Nigeria divided. While most believe that the President was wrong, some believe he said the truth while others felt the media outlets misunderstood him and misinterpreted what he was trying to say. The President was wrong on all levels. Here are some takeaways from the whole saga.

Young Nigerians are not lazy

Accolades for all hardworking Nigerians

Nigerian youths took the opportunity to show Mr. President how hardworking they are. This has always been our belief at YC. That young Nigerians are working really hard, in spite of the extreme conditions and should get “accolades” for that and not regarded as lazy. In a country where you have to struggle to get the basic amenities. Yet, Nigerians still strive to make a living. Shouldn’t the government applaud young Nigerians for their passion? During the recent visit by Bill Gates to Nigeria, he told the President to invest in its human capital. It looks like the President is not listening.

Once again, young Nigerians come together for a cause

Since our independence as a Nation, Nigeria has been divided by ethnicity, economic class, religion and most importantly the political class. Our Founding fathers were different. Young Nigerians came together in respect of the diversity to challenge the President and lazy comments. This shows what can happen if Nigeria is united and we decide to eradicate bad governance from the country forever. This is not the first time, young Nigerians will come together for a cause. The strength of our unity is stronger than we think. The hope of this country rests on the shoulders of young Nigerians.

What if Nigeria was a developed country?

As I kept reading the various tweets, a thought came to mind. What if we had good government and Nigeria was sane for young people to live. Will Young Nigerians be this hardworking? Or will they become lazy overtime when everything they need is given to them? Will they try to strive and make the world better? All these questions kept bugging me.

Bottom line, we all have to get our PVC and vote people we want in power.



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