How to get a job via Social Media

April 30, 2018

How to get a job via Social Media

Everyone keeps talking about the population and harshness of the labour market.
I have made my fair share of mistakes while applying for jobs and publicizing my skills. I have worked for free to build my skill and relationship and I have also had a client pay N7000 for a 500 worded document. I would not be going into details about all my experiences right now but just how I got my first job after NYSC year via social media.

I had opened my LinkedIn account since my third year in school and connected to about 500 individuals, known and unknown, by the urging of a dear friend. After a month or so, I deleted the app and forgot the password – it was useless to inexperienced me.

Being one with a flair to take upon vast programs and projects, I was finding me and was learning all I could while offline from LinkedIn. I concluded university, went for my service year and had fun while at it and two months to the end of service year, although I had my business plan, I was scared about securing a job. I am a Robert Kiyosaki (rich dad poor dad guy)  who believes in the Cash Flow Quadrant, you should read his books!

Scared and worried about my future job, my friends and I were discussing on different platforms to apply for jobs when one of my friends said a babe sometime ago posted she was looking for a job on LinkedIn and she got a lot of offers from various good and steady companies. I thought to myself,  “why don’t you try that. ” The inquisitive me took to the internet and searched on how to get a job (my mistake, I didn’t search for how to get your dream job)  via LinkedIn and Social Media in general. To do that you need;

To do that you need;

– Transferable and marketable skills: you need to know what you want to do/be. Gather skills that are related to your field.

– Organized experiences and skills: ensure your experiences even the voluntary job of one day is listed in the right format,  oldest to newest (same applies to your CV)

– Connect with those that matter and those that don’t, it’s not Instagram or facebook it’s a platform to build your network. I have a friend that brags that Obama, former President of USA is the second connection to him so he knows people.

– Get certified in reasonable and related courses: nothing much to talk about here,  you know what you want to spend money on it. Ps.  I’m still regretting doing HSE courses but crossing my fingers on the importance to my career in the future.

– It’s LinkedIn,  respect yourself and post only career or business related posts.

– Keep connecting!

So I did most of that and learnt along the ways. I made the post and Lo and behold I got various offers and submitted my CV. I had two interviews and within a week of returning from service, I was employed!

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CAMAA is a Relationship Manager, a hair consultant, a real estate sales consultant, a social media strategist and I want to motivate you to be better. God willing, I would keep writing about my other experiences and would love to hear from you please leave comments below and I’ll do my best to respond.

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