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What young Nigerians think about Buhari’s second term bid

May 1, 2018


What young Nigerians think about Buhari’s second term bid

President Buhari has kick-started the presidential race by his declaration for 2019. However, young Nigerians are taking the news differently.

Here is what they said;


Buhari is the least of our problems

Sincerely speaking, the person in power is not my problem.The problem is the system and strategy behind the the overall governance of this country. That has to be changed. Else, we will keep complaining about who so ever sits on that seat


It’s a thing of shame and shows a total lack of self-respect from him to even think about bidding. All he ever did during his time was travel out of the country to attend meetings. Fighting the opposition in the name of fighting corruption. Over 70 Nigerians were murdered in Benue state, and the President /Presidency didn’t utter a single word; instead choosing to attend a certain colloquium : I mean, that just sums up the man; insensitive, clueless and very cruel.

I’m very disappointed in his government given the fact that I cheered for him during the last election, I regret that now and I will be using the power in my hands to remove him from that place we put him in the first place.


I understand he had to, from a political system point of view but what I care about the most is that the people are able to unite and believe enough that his victory doesn’t have to be automatic. I really want to see a new administration by 2019. We all want to but we don’t think it’s achievable. The Buhari government has clearly lived below its expectations. –


Well, I think he has done fairly well in some areas but, doesn’t deserve a second term. Over all I’d rate him at 50%. Does he deserve a second term, NO. Will he win, YES!


God forbid a second term.

Baba has proven to be a colossal failure. I wasn’t even in support of his first term. Then, it was evident that Baba only wanted the power, his ineptness was glaring. A lot of people ignored the above, and now we’re in this mess. Insh’Allah, I would get my PVC this time around and “try” to vote him out. Apparently the northerners would vote him massively, the onus is on the southerners to achieve the task. It’s a joint venture.


From experience with politicians, most leaders give their best in their first term. We have seen the best of Buhari. If the people aren’t pleased with him at his best what then should we look forward to.


After speaking to 20 different young Nigerians, none was happy with the current government. Although some felt the real problem is not the President but the structure, while others felt there was no real competitor to the incumbent President. It is our duty as young Nigerians to decide the fate of this country once again. We should all get our PVC and come out to vote.


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