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My Certificate Journey

May 2, 2018


My Certificate Journey

So it all began when I finally decided to go collect my university certificate after a year and some months.

And so the journey begins

In order to do this, I needed to complete my clearance from my school.

Not again !!!

For some reasons which I still do not understand my clearance paper was nowhere to be found.

Enemies ooooooo

Meaning I was going to start my clearance all over again.

My Chest!

So I started the signing journey with good faith since I had done part before.

It cannot be that hard

On getting to one section labeled “advancement center” which is the far end of my school, I got bounced because I didn’t come with an extra copy of my clearance paper.

After that stress of walking and not been able to sign at the advancement center, I went prepared the next day but got bounced again because the man said we should go sign at the other slots that had not been signed.

On the third day, the man finally signed oooo … see me grinning with joy not knowing my journey was not ending soon.

I sha got to the final section of my clearance paper which was the bursar and I was asked to submit my papers and check back on Monday.

TGIF tho sure !

With joy, I did look forward to the fact my journey was ending.


Monday came and I strolled to the office around 11:00 am thinking my papers were going to be ready and I was told to chill till 3:00 pm which I did with a straight face.

I then got the shocker when I was told to not bother that it would not be ready till Wednesday o.

Ah … they finally caught me

On Wednesday I did not bother going until around 12:30 pm and I still had to wait until around 3:00 pm before I got my clearance papers.

To enter school na wahala, to graduate wahala, To collect certificate na die

Finally, I got my certificate around 4:00 pm which gave me great joy as my journey came to a good end.


Least I forget at each signing point I had to give the people signing something because they claimed that I finished school well and needed to appreciate them.


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